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Review ❤️ Holeshot by M.A. Parker

March 1, 2019

holeshot ma parker


I can have any girl I want. Except her.

I’m good at exactly two things: motocross racing and casual sex. Or I was good at the second one until I met Lucy Salcido. She’s a reporter for MotoRacer magazine, and she’s been “embedded” with my team ever since I came out of nowhere to lead the championship series this year. Having her around all the time has definitely put a crimp in my style. It’s tough to pick up a new girl after every race when Lucy’s there, watching me. Judging me. And it doesn’t help that she’s the girl I really want: all sexy brown skin, big eyes, soft curves, and the kind of smart that should make a guy like me—who barely graduated high school—quake in his dirt bike boots but just makes me hot and hard.

But I don’t do relationships. I can’t. Not when I’m on the road all the time. Not when I’ve got no prospects for being anywhere else. A girl like Lucy doesn’t want a guy like me. Or does she?


He’s everything I don’t like in a guy. So why do I want him so hard?

When my editor assigned me to Owen Lenart’s racing team, I knew I was going to dislike him before I even met him. Not only is he the kind of cocky bastard you’d expect a crazy dirt biker to be, he’s also got a rep for loving and leaving them. Still, he’s the hottest racer on the motocross circuit right now, in more ways than one. I am not going to deny that he’s easy on the eyes and hard on the circulatory system. He does things to me without even touching me. Not that I think he’s interested.

I don’t want to be another one of Owen’s conquests. Not a little bit. I want it a lot.

Release Date: Feb 26, 2019
Series: Motocrossed
Book: 1
Heat Level: Hot
Price: $2.99


Holeshot is the first book in the Motocrossed book series by MA Parker, and a first for me for this author.

Owen is a Motocross racer who has self-proclaimed himself to be good at two things: motocross racing and casual sex. Apparently he hasn’t partaken in the second in a few weeks because of Lucy, a journalist who has been sent to cover his story and is temporally a part of his team.

Lucy is described as a super smart and super sexy woman, who is so very above the other girls who follow Motocross. Lucy and Owen have chemistry from the start, but both are a little too scared to act on it since they need to work together for the foreseeable future. Until one day they both reveal their feelings towards each other at a Motocross race and that evening Lucy decides to get Owen out of her system (hint: getting each other out of their systems is harder than they thought).

I’m not sure if my feelings about this book came across in that opening paragraph…but I was not a fan. I love books where there is a bit of angst, where two individuals are attracted to each other but it takes them both a little flirting and teasing before they really give into each other. In this book, everything happened very quickly. We meet the characters and pretty soon they are in bed and soon after that they are going through the motions of a couple in serious l-o-v-e. To be completely fair, the author did have a disclaimer stating that this novel is an “insta-love” novel and that those who are not fans of that will not like it. And although I went into the book knowing that, it still disappointed me. But if you enjoy books where the action moves quickly and things progress faster than what is realistic – then you will like this.

The author also described things in a way that made me as a reader feel as if Parker did not trust me to understand on my own. For example, Parker spent a few paragraphs describing in detail how Lucy knew that their waitress was born in a foreign country but raised in America. This was just unnecessary in my opinion, it did not really add to the story and just made me feel as if someone was lecturing me on a topic I did not care about. There were a few more of instances like this throughout the book. Overall it is a quick and fun read; it just was not realistic in my opinion.

~ Harshita

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