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Review ❤️ The Bewildered Bride by Vanessa Riley

August 12, 2019


Ruth Croome, a Blackamoor heiress, was supposed to get married in a gorgeous wedding gown, made from her father’s exquisite fabrics. Instead, they eloped to Gretna Green and upon returning, their carriage was beset by highwaymen and she witnessed the murder of her new husband. Now, four years later, with a child, she wants to move on with her life. A marriage of convenience will do. Ruth already had a love for the ages.

Adam Wilky is really the heir to the Wycliff barony—which he never told Ruth. Too much danger. So many secrets. When he was nearly beaten to death and sold into impressment, he thought Ruth had died, too. Ready for revenge, he finally returns and discovers Ruth alive—with a son who could only be his—and she is furious to discover he lied to her. Now it’ll take more than remembered passion if he hopes to win his reluctant wife back…

Release Date: Aug 12, 2019
Series: Advertisements for Love
Book: 4
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Entangled
Imprint: Amara
Price: $4.99


The story opens up where Ruth and Adam have eloped. They are on their way to his family’s house but a potential danger is lurking around, forcing them to try to get to safety quickly. They never make it as both Ruth and Adam are brutally attacked.

Years later, Ruth is still struggling over her loss. Her family doesn’t believe she ever married anyone as she didn’t send word when she got eloped. They believe she was sleeping around and she became pregnant. She is really treated horrible by her family. Ruth is deadest on proving that her deceased husband is not a figure of her imagination.

She embarks on a journey with her sister and discovers that Adam has “family” and little does she know, she never really knew her husband. Wycliff/Adam is shocked to see Ruth again. He must pretend to be someone else in order to protect her. He kept many secrets and they almost cost him their lives.

This story is definitely a mix bag for me. I truly enjoyed reading about people of color during a time when their stories are not emphasized. Ruth and Wycliff experience so many traumas to get to their HEA.  The beginning of the story lured me in with the brutal description of their separation. The author really stayed inside each character’s head so it was a lot of pain to absorb right away. 

Once Ruth meets Wycliff/Adam things start to turn for her. She is a bit shocked that she finds another man outside of her “deceased” husband attractive. Wycliff still believe it is dangerous and he won’t reveal his identity yet. However, seeing that Ruth has suffered and is very scared of the outside world, it fuels him to hurry to seek vengeance on those who hurt them.

The mystery element is the best part of the story. From the beginning of the story, I wanted to understand what was truly happening. The author unfolded everything gradually. The romantic tone is muted against the mystery backdrop. The author writes in a strange way as if the characters are telling the readers what is occurring and not letting them see the events unfold. I think this makes it hard for me to stay in the flow of the story.

As they discover their love for one another, drama picks up as the bad guys are still around. Wycliff is not the man he used to be and handles this situation very well. I was happy for Ruth and Wycliff.

~ Samantha

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