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Review ❤️ The Accidental Wife Swap by Jennifer Joyce

September 4, 2019


Sometimes one moment can change your life forever…

Rebecca Riley has always been a bit of a pushover. When her glamorous boss, Vanessa, asks her to jump, she doesn’t just ask how high… she asks if her boss would like her to grab a coffee on the way back down!

So whilst overseeing the renovation of Vanessa’s beautiful countryside home, the last thing Rebecca ever expected was to be mistaken for her boss – or that she would even consider going along with it! Far away from the bustling city and her boss’s demanding ways, could she pretend to be Vanessa and swap lives, just for a little while?

Release Date: Sep 1, 2019
Heat Level: Warm
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: HQ Digital
Price: $.99


I just love a story that ticks off all of the boxes and The Accidental Life Swap does just that. I haven’t read anything by Ms. Joyce but I look forward to reading more from her.

Rebecca Riley struggles with asserting herself in those situations that occurs when her voice needs to be heard. Instead, she walks around life wishing that she could be this confident event planner like her boss, Vanessa Whitley. She has plans to wow her boss and become a part of the team instead of remaining her PA. Her boss has other ideas for her since she needs Rebecca to help get her weekend house renovated before her housewarming.

Rebecca doesn’t know anything about house renovations but she does know if she wants to impress Vanessa she has to shine. She sets off for the countryside and she meets a whole cast of people that help shape her life. As soon as she arrives, the town folks think she is Vanessa. She’s about to correct them but decides differently to see how it feels to wield that kind of power. Rebecca soon realizes it is not that easy or fun being Vanessa.

I absolutely adored Rebecca. She is one of those characters that you automatically root for. She slowly comes into her own as the story unfolds. She first meets Oliver (one of the builders) who immediately dislikes her. As they work on the house, they end up finding out they have more in common than they think. The scenes when they play board games and get to know each other are the better parts of the story.  Rebecca starts to care for all of the nice people of the community and wonders how she will continue to keep up the lie as the party day comes close.

The story starts off slow but gradually picks up. The story is predictable. The story is almost perfect but it still doesn’t take away from the good feeling that I got reading it. Rebecca scrambles at the end to correct all of her wrongs and discover her inner strength. By pretending to be Vanessa she created a whole new life for herself and realizes sometimes dreams can change.

Just overall, good, light and easy read for a lazy day.

~ Samantha

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