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Review ❤️ Wonton Terror by Vivien Chien

September 16, 2019


Lana Lee is all smiles when the first evening of Cleveland’s Asian Night Market kicks off the summer. The weekly festival is always good for business, packed with locals and tourists, and this year, some stiff new food-truck competition. Wonton on Wheels, run by old friends of Lana’s parents, promises to have customers lining up for their delicately wrapped delights—until the truck blows up at evening’s end.

Lana’s boyfriend, Detective Adam Trudeau, had been planning a birthday getaway for the two of them but, lo and behold, Lana must assume the role of amateur sleuth yet again. With one proprietor of Wonton on Wheels dead, it’s beginning to look more like murder and less like an unfortunate accident. And as they begin to unwrap layers of disturbing secrets, Lana’s own family erupts into new drama. Will Lana be able to solve this crime—or has she jumped from the wok right into the fire?

Release Date: Aug 27, 2019
Series: A Noodle Shop Mystery
Book: 4
Publisher: Macmillan
Imprint: St. Martin’s Press
Price: $7.99


Lana Lee manages her family’s Chinese restaurant near Cleveland, Ohio. She’s excited the restaurant will have a booth at the area night market being held every Friday during the summer with local businesses selling food, jewelry, and other items. The festivities turn tragic when the “Wonton on Wheels” food truck explodes and the owner is killed. The victim and the main suspects were friends of Lana’s family years ago, so Lana can’t help but be curious about what really happened. She soon cooks up an investigation of her own, but before she can learn the truth, she may be the killer’s next victim.

“Wonton Terror” is my favorite so far in this series. I have read the prior books, but anyone looking for a well-written cozy with an appealing main character in an interesting setting will enjoy the book. Lana didn’t plan on working at her family restaurant, but has settled into the job as manager and is enjoying it much more. Her relationship with Detective Adam Trudeau is also going better and since this murder isn’t in his jurisdiction, her sleuthing doesn’t interfere in his official investigation. Since she is happier at work and in her personal like, Lana is much more likable character. Lana’s best friend and roommate Megan helps her again, which is good news for fans of that character. I love the realistic dialogue between the two friends and the way they joke around and tease each other, but are always there for each other in serious situations.

The subplot with Lana’s aunt coming to town and  the arguments she and Lana’s mother get in are also entertaining. Lana’s mom and sister have never been my favorite characters. Lana’s mom is bossy and opinionated and Lana’s sister always seems to think she is better than Lana. However, in this story, Lana and Anna Lee see themselves in their mother and aunt and make an effort to get along better. They won’t ever be best friends, but I hope that trend continues in subsequent books.

There are a few different possible suspects in the murder of the food truck owner and Lana does a great job getting suspects and witnesses to talk to her. Like Lana, I had a few different ideas about who the killer might be, but I wasn’t able to figure it out in the end like she did! There are some tragic events in the story, but things end on a hopeful note.

~ Christine

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