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Review ❤️ Invitation Only Murder by Leslie Meier

November 26, 2019


With family tensions intensifying in Tinker’s Cove, part-time reporter Lucy Stone could really use some time off the grid. But after she RSVPs to an unconventional celebration on remote Holiday Island, Lucy realizes that disconnecting from reality comes at a deadly price . . .
Lucy doesn’t know what to expect as she arrives on a private Maine island owned by eccentric billionaire Scott Newman, only that the exclusive experience should make for a very intriguing feature story. An avid environmentalist, Scott has stripped the isolated property of modern conveniences in favor of an extreme eco-friendly lifestyle. A trip to Holiday Island is like traveling back to the nineteenth Century, and it turns out other residents aren’t exactly enthusiastic about living without cell service and electricity . . .

Before Lucy can get the full scoop on Scott, she is horrified to find one of his daughters dead at the bottom of a seaside cliff. The young woman’s tragic end gets pinned as an accident, but a sinister plot unfolds when there’s a sudden disappearance . . .

Stuck on a clammy island with murder suspects aplenty, the simple life isn’t so idyllic after all. Now, Lucy must tap into the limited resources around her to outwit a cold-blooded killer—before it’s lights out for her next!

Release Date: Nov 26, 2019
Series: A Lucy Stone Mystery
Book: 26
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $12.99


Lucy Stone and the other residents of Tinker’s Cove, Maine are all talking about the upcoming event being held on Holiday Island. Billionaire environmentalist, Scott Newman, has created an island paradise, but without internet, cell service, or other modern conveniences. The reception is a success and since Lucy is a newspaper reporter, she is invited back to spend more time on the island so she can write an in-depth story. Lucy expected to have to adjust to life off the grid, but didn’t anticipate murder. One person is dead and unless it was an accident, that means there is a murderer running loose on the island and no way to get help. Lucy is on her own to do whatever it takes to catch a killer before he or she strikes again.

Invitation Only Murder is the twenty-sixth book in the Lucy Stone series and it is my favorite. I’ve not read all of the books in this series, but have completed quite a few of them and have enjoyed some more than others. Leslie Meier has outdone herself with this installment. It’s fast-paced and suspenseful, and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Lucy never dreamed that this assignment could go so wrong. She was looking forward to a little time away from the family drama in her household only to get caught up in another family’s problems which turn out to be not just dramatic but dangerous. Lucy has to identify and outwit a killer all on her own since she is cut off from her friends and family and doesn’t know who she can trust on the island. I like seeing the determined, independent side of Lucy who doesn’t have time for self-pity about squabbles within her family. Instead, she must find strength she didn’t know she had not only to solve the case but to stay alive. I could feel the tension as the danger on the island becomes more and more imminent and the fast pace kept me interested in the story.

I wasn’t sure who to trust, either, and kept going back and forth between who I thought the killer was since more than one character seemed to be a little bit “off”. The scene in which the murderer is revealed is exciting and scary as Lucy is in real danger through no fault of her own. Fans of this series will really enjoy seeing Lucy investigate a case away from home and out of her comfort zone. This is also a perfect book for readers who are new to the series since Lucy is on her own with characters new to the area for most of the book so previous knowledge of the various Tinker’s Cove residents isn’t necessary. I hope Lucy holds onto her newfound fierceness in future installments, because this book was a pleasure to read from beginning to end.

~ Christine

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