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Review ❤️ Whiteout by Adriana Anders

January 31, 2020


With a storm coming and a killer on the loose, every step could be their last…

Angel Smith is finally ready to leave Antarctica for a second chance at life. But on what was meant to be her last day, the remote research station she’s been calling home is attacked. Hunted and scared, she and irritatingly gorgeous glaciologist Ford Cooper barely make it out with their lives…only to realize that in a place this remote, there’s nowhere left to run.

Isolated with no power, no way to contact the outside world, and a madman on their heels, Angel and Ford must fight to survive in the most inhospitable—and beautiful—place on earth. But what starts as a partnership born of necessity quickly turns into an urgent connection that burns bright and hot. They both know there’s little chance of making it out alive, and yet they are determined to weather the coming storm—no matter the cost.

Release Date: Jan 28, 2020
Series: Survival Instincts
Book: 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Casablanca
Price: $3.99


Talk about starting out with a bang!

I must preface this review by saying I don’t usually read romantic suspense. Oh don’t get me wrong, I like a good suspense, I simply don’t like it mixed with romance because the romance always takes a backseat to the suspense. And the romance feels a bit watered down when it does surface. Plus, I hate when either of the main characters get hurt. Yes, I’m a wuss. 

And then in walks the exception. Whiteout. Where did the recommendation come from you ask? One of my fave authors recommended it on Bookbub. I was intrigued with the promise of sexy times and a stoic, tight-lipped hero. I do love the silent, broody ones, and the Ice Man, Ford “Coop” Cooper is precisely that.

I was immediately drawn into the story. The first scene had me on the edge of my seat. Literally stole my breath. Fair warning, the antagonists in this book are ruthless. Completely without conscience so brace yourself. I don’t like it when the good guys get hurt or worse (die). Things get worse out of the gate and Coop is skirting the edges of it. Of course he doesn’t know how close to getting caught right in the thick of things, but we readers know and that’s why it’s hard to breathe.

A little background, Coop is a glaciologist working at research station in Antarctica. We soon learn he’s discovered a super virus that he fears can be used as a bioweapon. The enemy wants it and will do any and everything to get their hands on it. The person who manages to stop them—at least for now—from getting it is Angel Smith, who is a cook at the research station. She’s supposed to leave for home (Pittsburgh) the day the bad guys make their move. She soon finds herself trapped with Coop in the deathly cold South Pole with only one way out—another station a mere three hundred miles away. And they have to get there with their enemies nipping at their heels.

What an incredibly wild ride. And the sexual chemistry between them is incendiary. When Angel first got to the station, she made some friendly overtures toward Coop. The Ice Man knocked them down with just a word and a look. Angel got the message fast, and pretty much tried to stay as far away from him as she could. He rebuffed and avoided her because…well he just knows she’s dangerous to his emotional wellbeing. So he fought it and keeps on fighting the intense attraction. But out there on the terrain of snow and ice, it gets harder and harder (no pun intended) to keep her at arm’s length. Hey, a guy’s gotta keep warm, amirite?

I loved when the dam broke. Angel and Coop are so great together. The love scenes are hot and the emotional intimacy is as real as it gets. I absolutely loved watching them fall in love, which made me love them even more as a couple. What I didn’t like was when either were in danger or got hurt. Even knowing they’d both make it out alive, those moments had me putting the book down to take a second to breathe.

The story also gives you the antagonists POV. Since I don’t read romantic suspense, that kind of caught me off guard. But that’s okay because this wasn’t a mystery. We know upfront who the bad guys are. What surprised me was the ending. I did think the overarching plot would be resolved by the time Coop and Angel get together for their HEA. I was wrong. The story continues…and I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

~ Beverley

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