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Review ❤️ From Alaska With Love by Ally James

March 4, 2020


A soldier has six weeks to convince the only woman he has ever longed for to take a chance on life with him in Alaska….

Sara’s letters were the only bright spot during Gabe’s devastating tour in Iraq. With each new correspondence he fell harder, needed her more, wanted to be with her. Now, after initially rejecting his offer to meet, she’s shown up at the door of his isolated cabin in Alaska looking for…what? Gabe’s not sure what made Sara change her mind, but he knows he never wants to let her go.

Major Gabe Randall is everything Sara Ryan wants but nothing she feels she deserves. A modern-day spinster, Sara hides behind family obligations and the safe, quiet life she’s resigned herself to living. But secretly, even though she may have stretched the truth about who she is in her letters to him, she wants Gabe. Will he still want her when he discovers the real woman behind the pen?

Once they meet, Gabe asks her for six weeks in Alaska. Six weeks to spend getting to know each other, and then she’ll have to decide whether they are better together or apart.

Release Date: Mar 3, 2020
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley
Price: $7.99

is a modern day spinster who works as a nanny to take care of her brother’s daughter.  She is not exactly quite content with her status in life. On a whim she sends a card to soldiers overseas. It falls in the lap of Gabe who is doing a tour. Gabe ends up sparking more conversations with Sara.  She can be anyone she wants to be on paper which makes her happy until Gabe decides he wants more.

The story starts off when she is at a family reunion. Her aunt is introducing her to everyone as this lonely single woman in her thirties. I guess that is a bad thing. If this was not a contemporary romance I would have thought Sara was better suited for a historical. I did wonder why the aunt was introducing her at the family reunion when everyone kind of seems to know everyone but okay let’s push on.

The story is cute and hallmark-ish but it almost misses the mark. The author spends too much time inside the characters’ head. Sara has deep rooted self esteem issues. She doesn’t believe she is attractive nor have anything to offer. In her mind she is not deserving of any happiness. She constantly envy her cousin, Chloe. It started out okay but as her relationship with Gabe developed, I did come to expect that her character would grow into someone stronger. She stayed the same until the end.

The one thing that I loved was the fact that Gabe gave Sara a sense of family. She had family but they were not the loving supportive group. Gabe and his dog became that for her. In return, Sara was able to thaw out some of the ice from Gabe’s heart.

This is not a bad debut. I think that I wanted to see more of the happily ever after for these two. I’m still curious about Chloe.

~ Samantha

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