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Review ❤️ An Heiress to Remember by Maya Rodale

April 1, 2020


Can a scandalized heiress…

Beatrice Goodwin left Manhattan a duchess and has returned a divorcée, ready to seize control of her fate and the family business. Goodwin’s Department Store, once the pinnacle of fashion, has fallen from favor thanks to Dalton’s, its glamorous competitor across the street. But this rivalry has a distinctly personal edge…

And a self-made tycoon…

For Wes Dalton, Beatrice has always been the one—the one who broke his young heart by marrying a duke, and now, the one whose cherished store he plans to buy, just so he can destroy it. It’s the perfect revenge against a family who believed he’d never be good enough for their daughter—until Beatrice’s return complicates everything…

Find happily ever after at last?

While Goodwin’s and Dalton’s duel to be the finest store in Gilded Age Manhattan, Beatrice and Wes succumb to a desire that has only deepened with time. Adversaries by day, lovers by night, both will soon have to decide which is sweeter: winning the battle or thoroughly losing their hearts…

Release Date: Mar 31, 2020
Series: The Gilded Age Girls Club
Book: 3
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Avon Book
Price: $6.99


This book is my favorite of 2020 so far. For historical romances, An Heiress To Remember is a game-changer!

Rodale continues her Gilded Age Girls Club series breaking all the rules with our heroine. She’s an heiress who divorced a duke and comes home to New York only to find her father’s store near the brink of bankruptcy and on the sales block. Beatrice Goodwin wants to save her family’s legacy and be her own woman. Through a series of smart moves and sheer bravery, Beatrice takes over her father’s store and goes head to head for the ranking of best department store in New York City against her childhood romance.

Wes Dalton was abandoned by Beatrice for a duke. Since then he’s done his best to become rich, successful, and is almost ready to purchase the very thing Beatrice loved above all else… her father’s store. That is until she returns home and decides to go to war with him.

War was never so sweet – this is an enemy to lover’s tale (my favorite), with a dash of second chance romance and an ode to women out there everywhere who fought to be more than arm pieces and homebodies. This book breaks all the rules, and Beatrice is the perfect vessel to do just that.

So many moments of Beatrice’s story ring true for women even in today’s society, from her father’s managers refusing to listen to her because ‘what does a woman know about running a store’, for being called a whore and threatened when trying to create an environment where women can not only shop, but relax and escape the pressures of their life… que present day bashing of romance novels and anything else women enjoy.

Dalton is a hero with his own flaws, but he’s good at conversing through problems versus trying to impose his will. I love how he sees Beatrice for who she is and comes to love her as she is with all her ambitions and desires. Even at the potential cost of their romance. Here’s one excerpt:

“I’m your after.”

“I hope so.”

And it was an enormous pressure, that, to be someone else’s purpose and happiness, their nights and days. She felt overwhelmed and exhausted by it already. It was another tremendous burden for her slender shoulders.

“I just want to be with you, Beatrice. That is all I ever wanted.”

She was not unmoved. She was a hot-blooded woman with a head and a body he pleasured expertly last night, and a heart that did have feelings for him. Because when they were good, they were good. Because he understood her and what made her tick in a way no one else ever had or likely ever would.
But she couldn’t go back to married life…

Some would call her selfish. Beatrice didn’t care. Why couldn’t she be selfish?

“I don’t want to give up my independence or my freedom, Dalton.”

“I wouldn’t keep you in a cage, Beatrice. Gilded or otherwise. I’m not like him. For better or for worse.”

There is so much to this story that makes it worthy of all the good words. I know I’ll be re-reading it to dive deeper into what I loved so much, but Rodale is forging paths with stories like these. Unmasking some of the very hypocrisies women still deal with presently and showing in a fictional setting on they can win, overcome, and find men to love them for who they are. For readers who love Eva Leigh or Joanna Shupe.

~ Landra

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