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Review ❤️ And the Killer is…by G.A. McKevett

April 29, 2020


PI Savannah Reid has delved into the ugly side of SoCal’s celebrity culture more than once. But the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency may have bitten off more than they can chew when a Hollywood legend makes a deadly comeback . . .  
It will be a cold day in San Carmelita before Savannah skips over a high-profile homicide case, especially one attached to a tasty reward. But when 90-year-old former silver screen siren Lucinda Faraday is murdered inside her derelict mansion, serving justice comes with unsavory risks. The fallen star, considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, was found strangled by a pair of vintage stockings amid a hoard of garbage and priceless memorabilia. Now, Lucinda is making headlines again—and, like in the past, her name is connected with the worst kind of scandal . . .
As a quest for answers reveals sleazy secrets about the victim’s history, the Moonlight Magnolia Agency soon discover that corruption, addiction, and blackmail were as rampant in the good old days of Hollywood as in the present—maybe even more so. Balancing a suspect list longer than the Lucinda’s acting credits and evidence that could destroy the reputation of people still alive, can Savannah outsmart the culprit before she or someone else get reduced to tabloid fodder next?  

Release Date: Apr 28, 2020
Series: A Savannah Reid Mystery
Book: 25
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $12.99


Private investigator Savannah Reid goes on a stakeout with her husband Detective Sergeant Dirk Coulter. Their bust is successful and they end up taking home the drug-dealer’s six-year-old son Brody. While taking care of this abused and neglected boy, Savannah also starts work on a case for one of her former clients, Hollywood heartthrob Ethan Malloy. Ethan has been close friends with the elderly Lucinda Faraday, a movie star from the 1940s and 1950s who was murdered in her home. Dirk, Savannah, and the rest of the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency have their work cut out for them in a case that becomes more complicated as more suspects and motives are uncovered.

This book is part of the long-running Savannah Reid series, but I haven’t followed it. The author gives just enough backstory to allow new readers to enjoy the story without being overwhelmed in history and supporting characters. Savannah is originally from Georgia but has now settled in San Carmelita, California. Maybe it’s her southern charm, but even though the book deals with very serious subjects like drug abuse, drug dealing, hoarding, and child abuse, it still keeps an overall entertaining and cozy feel. I enjoyed seeing Savannah on the job and at home with her Granny Reid, husband, and young Brody, who is both wise beyond his years and vulnerable. I wasn’t sold on Dirk in the beginning. He is out-spoken, tactless, and sometimes immature. However, when Savannah called him and asked him to come home as soon as possible because she had bad news she wanted to share with him in person, he rushed home to support her, no questions asked. At that point, he won me over, and he continued to show a softer side throughout the rest of the book.

I like the way Dirk and Savannah work together to solve the case, with research help from Savannah’s capable assistant Tammy and the wise Granny Reid. They uncover some scandalous secrets which open up the number of suspects and it was entertaining to see the investigation progress. I kept changing my mind about who I thought the real killer was and it turned out to be someone not even on my radar. I enjoyed the way the case wraps up and also the sweet ending for Savannah and her family. I enjoyed the book and the developments that occur toward the end have me intrigued to see what is in store for Savannah and Dirk.

~ Christine

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