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Review ❤️ The Rakess by Scarlett Peckham

April 29, 2020


She’s a Rakess on a quest for women’s rights…

Seraphina Arden’s passions include equality, amorous affairs, and wild, wine-soaked nights. To raise funds for her cause, she’s set to publish explosive memoirs exposing the powerful man who ruined her. Her ideals are her purpose, her friends are her family, and her paramours are forbidden to linger in the morning.

He’s not looking for a summer lover…

Adam Anderson is a wholesome, handsome, widowed Scottish architect, with two young children, a business to protect, and an aversion to scandal. He could never, ever afford to fall for Seraphina. But her indecent proposal—one month, no strings, no future—proves too tempting for a man who strains to keep his passions buried with the losses of his past.

But one night changes everything…

What began as a fling soon forces them to confront painful secrets—and yearnings they thought they’d never have again. But when Seraphina discovers Adam’s future depends on the man she’s about to destroy, she must decide what to protect… her desire for justice, or her heart.

Release Date: Apr 28, 2020
Series: Society of Sirens
Book: 1
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Avon Books
Price: $5.99


My first Peckham novel! I was super excited to read this story and glad I got introduced to the Society of Sirens series with book one. I have heard amazing things about Scarlett Peckham and her story telling abilities. To start, she did not disappoint. Though I had a few minor things that kept this from five-star territory.

The hero is… a delight and a surprise. Naught and nice. Dirty, yet an impeccable gentleman. I fell a bit hard for Adam Anderson. From the start this hero surprises. He’s not cut from the same cloth, figuratively and literally. Growing up the bastard son of gentleman, Adam knows a thing or two about being the outsider and he’s had to fight for everything he has. He’s also a beast in the sheets. Which is why our nice hero faces a challenge with our dear heroine, Sera.

Seraphina Arden, dear to her friends, and the burden of the ton to everyone else. She is the woman a father cautions his young bucks to steer clear of and mothers swear is what their daughter’s will become if they spread their legs before marriage. Sera, to me, is a force of inspiration and sheer willpower. We always say oh hail the tortured hero, but this book re-introduces us to the tortured heroine. She is not sweet nor does she mince words. Listen to this quick internal take on her opinion of men.

Henri was sweet, but men were best left to administering boudoir pleasures and lifting things a woman oughtn’t. For finer intimacies, they only disappointed.

Ouch! And there is plenty more where that came from. Imagine Sera’s surprise when she finds herself inconveniently attracted to Adam. A man who on the surface seems perfect for a quick fling but they both figure out fast that whatever is drawing them together could, and does, mean so much more. Anything more than a dalliance between them is disaster and herein lies the crux of their romance.

I want to first and foremost say that I didn’t see these two making it. I honestly thought I would DNF this book because it lacked a HEA. I am happy to report that Peckham finds a way to make it work even amid the disastrous times that our characters live in and in the world where nothing is more important than a reputation. The dialogue is a treat, the wordplay fabulous. Secondary characters are a great build out and I really love how people in this story appear with varying degrees of gray – essentially who you think is the villain isn’t always.

My hiccups are that often Sera has some sweeping internal pieces that had me skimming. Then I would force myself to go back and get the details. Otherwise, the interactions between our main characters, the challenges faced (alcoholism, scars from the past), have Peckham proving that tropes can well and truly be flipped with even far greater success than what is already in the marketplace.

I will happily await the next story. For readers who enjoy… something new, something fresh. Normally I would provide an author recommendation, but Peckham is in a class all of her own.

~ Landra

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