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Review ❤️ A Duke is Never Enough by Darcy Burke

May 4, 2020


When notorious rake Marcus Raleigh, Marquess of Ripley, meets a beautiful spinster, he wagers her that she’ll kiss him within a fortnight. She is not the type of woman that draws his eye, but for the first time in his life, he’s seduced by something he never knew he wanted—female friendship. Though he’s beguiled beyond reason, Marcus ultimately releases her from their wager only to find himself tangled so deeply in desire that he can’t walk away…

After abandoning her philandering betrothed at the altar, Phoebe Lennox fled from London only to return an heiress who refuses to follow the ton’s rules. She won’t risk a relationship of any kind—until she meets the scandalous Marquess of Ripley. Captivated by his charm and surprised by his compassion, she is tempted to succumb to just one kiss. Until that isn’t enough. But when Marcus’s cousin is found murdered, can the delicate bond between them survive?

Release Date: Feb 25, 2020
Series: The Spitfire Society
Book: 2
Heat Level: Scorching
Publisher: Darcy Burke
Price: $3.99


A Duke is Never Enough is the second installment in Darcy Burke’s Spitfire Society series. The story follows Phoebe Lennox, a woman who had decided to live her life as a self-proclaimed spinster after narrowly avoiding a horrible marriage. She meets Marcus Raleigh, the Marquess of Ripley (what a tongue twister of a name!), a notorious lothario and the two strike up a friendship that turns to more. When Marcus is accused of a crime that has ties to Phoebe, will he be able to clear his name without threatening Phoebe?

This is my first experience with a Darcy Burke novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed her writing. The characters were well-developed and the chemistry between them was palpable. Phoebe is the type of heroine I’m looking for in my romance novels these days. She is intelligent and confident in her decisions; she’s thrown off the mantle of society’s expectations and living her life as she pleases. After a sudden inheritance she has moved out of her parents’ home and lived in her own home declaring herself a spinster at the tender age of twenty-five. Marcus is a well-known rogue in London society, but Phoebe doesn’t let his past stop her from enjoying a friendship (and more) with him.

Eventually, these two submit to their desires and it nearly lit my Kindle on fire with how hot their passion was. Darcy was able to write love scenes that were both extremely passionate and tender. I loved that Marcus was a very kind and attentive lover with Phoebe since she had some personal issues to work through. While these scenes were steamier than I expected, they were written so well that they fit very well into the story and helped to further deepen our main characters’ connection.

I only have two minor complaints for this book. First, there were a lot of side characters introduced in the first half of the book and it became hard to keep track of them. Not having read the previous book in the series (which I intend to correct immediately) I assumed some of them came from that novel or will appear in the next installment. Several times I had to go back to make sure I understood who a character was talking to especially because titles, nicknames, and given names were all used. The second minor issue is that this book is named A Duke is Never Enough and yet our hero is a marquess. I kept wondering where the Duke in the title would come in, but never got my answer.

Overall, this book was a wonderful read and I found myself devouring it faster than some more prominent titles I had recently picked up. The pacing, plot, and characters far exceeded my expectations for this previously unknown to me author. I would suggest this series to anyone who enjoys novels by Jennifer Ashley, Maya Banks, or Kerrigan Byrne. This gets a 4-star rating for me and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next installment. Content warning for descriptions of sexual assault which happened prior to the story.

~ Lindsey

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