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Review ❤️ Two Rogues Make a Right by Cat Sebastian

June 24, 2020


Will Sedgwick can’t believe that after months of searching for his oldest friend, Martin Easterbrook is found hiding in an attic like a gothic nightmare. Intent on nursing Martin back to health, Will kindly kidnaps him and takes him to the countryside to recover, well away from the world.

Martin doesn’t much care where he is or even how he got there. He’s much more concerned that the man he’s loved his entire life is currently waiting on him hand and foot, feeding him soup and making him tea. Martin knows he’s a lost cause, one he doesn’t want Will to waste his life on.

As a lifetime of love transforms into a tender passion both men always desired but neither expected, can they envision a life free from the restrictions of the past, a life with each other?

Release Date: Jun 23, 2020
Series: Seducing the Sedgwicks
Book: 3
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Avon Impulse
Price: $3.99


A novella of childhood love rekindled.

Martin Easterbrook has been kidnapped, by his best friend, Will Sedgwick, who is bound and determined to get Martin healthy. Friends since childhood and separated by Martin’s fiendish father, this pair secluding themselves not far from London not only gives them a chance to heal themselves but rekindle something even more precious.

I thought this would be quick breezy read, but it was more emotional than I expected. Also, for not quite a full-length book this is slower burn than some of Sebastian’s stories, which made it even better. The way the heroes tiptoe around their feelings ratcheted up my interest and I was eager to see how these two would make something long term work.

Martin is our grumpy hero. He grew up sickly and now has consumption. Besides wondering how long he has to live constantly; he hates being fussed over and isn’t so great at showcasing emotions. An only child, Martin’s father is a dead villain lingering on our hero’s conscience so much so that he attempts to push Will away more than once. But thankfully, Will is having none of it.

Will is like if a beta and an alpha had a baby. If that makes any sense? He suffers from personal demons involving addiction, which Sebastian handles with a deft hand. While Will has a flair for the dramatic and is more emotionally expressive than Martin, I enjoyed how he was the more knowledgeable of the two heroes in terms of sexual aspect of the relationship.

How Will coaxed, taught, and allowed Martin to take the lead played out with a fabulous amount of consent with every sexual interaction they shared. Nothing is ever taken for granted or accepted a second time just because it happened once, that to me displayed a level of control and care I have neither experienced, but I believe should be expected. Graphic wise, the encounters are written without coarse words and flow similar to the rest of the book, with grace and appreciation.

Honestly, I haven’t come across a book by Cat Sebastian that I haven’t enjoyed. With storylines that are serious, yet often without high angst, I find the tales invigorating. I also love how with each book contains LGBTQ characters who are accepted as gay, without shame or insult. Secondary characters don’t dismiss or downplay the fact and show tolerance, repeatedly.

My only hiccup with the story is that often descriptors and introspection would go on longer than I liked, and I found myself skimming, looking for the next piece of interaction. Though for readers who love detailed internal and deep point of view this may be perfectly suitable.

For those who enjoy KJ Charles or Sherry Thomas.

~ Landra

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