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Review ❤️ Murder With Honey Ham Biscuits by A.L. Herbert

July 27, 2020


As the owner of Mahalia’s Sweet Tea, Halia Watkins is famous in Maryland’s Prince George’s County for her down-home cuisine. But when she has the chance to showcase her talents on national TV, she becomes the star of a murder mystery that’s too hot to handle! 
When Halia is invited to serve as a guest judge on the popular cooking competition show Elite Chef, she’s delighted to add some extra flavor to the mix. But as filming ramps up in Washington D.C., there are too many fiery personalities in the kitchen. Halia discovers that pulling off her small screen debut unscathed means contending with a longtime competing restaurant owner, an infamously crass hospitality mogul, and a group of cutthroat contestants vying for culinary glory . . . 
The competition sizzles with only a few finalists left standing—and goes cold when the gorgeous young frontrunner is found dead. As murder accusations are slathered over a recently eliminated contestant, Halia, with some bungling assistance from her wise-cracking cousin Wavonne slides into an investigation of their own. A little snooping reveals the victim burned lots of bridges, leaving a slew of alleged affairs and stolen recipes in her wake. With a fast-rising list of potential suspects, Halia must sort through mindboggling clues to fry the flaky culprit before someone else gets baked to a crisp . . .  

Release Date: Jul 28, 2020
Series: A Mahalia Watkins Mystery
Book: 4
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $12.99


A.L. Herbert, Author of the Mahalia Watkins Soul Food series, knocks it out of the park with this delectable, highly entertaining murder-mystery story. A true gem, ingeniously the author takes it one-step further and provides you with delicious recipes of food featured throughout the book!

Mahalia “Halia” Watkins, local favorite restaurant owner of Mahalia’s Sweet Tea, has a knack for solving local mysteries.  Alongside her mom, Celia, her cousin Wavonne and her mouth-watering recipes, Mahalia’s Sweet Tea has become an esteem and prominent staple within the community.  But when a national TV show comes knocking at her door with an engaging offer, Halia must decide if she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone and step onto the national spotlight. 

In the competitive restaurant world, where all bets are off, a last-minute opening as a guest judge on the TV Program Elite Chef, has just opened up and Halia is reluctantly up for the challenge. Determined to gain more exposure for Mahalia’s Sweet Tea, Halia decides to partake in the chaotic, contentious, Elite Chef competition. After all, a couple of days of filming, a luxurious stay at a nearly completed hotel and a spot on a national TV show, sounds easy enough…

Animated characters moved this story along in its measured set-up for mystery.  Artfully developed range of characters were a joy to experience, along with their quick quip dialogue. A bit winded before the murder occurs, the author takes you along and gently lets you become acquainted with the characters; thus, ensuring you see their potential for murder. From the ever funny Wavonne, the ruthless restaurant mogul, Russell Mellinger, his wife Cynthia, the competitive contestants, flirty-judge Twyla Harper and even Detective Hutchins, it was hard for me to choose a favorite character. I loved them all!

A delightful and delicious murder-mystery will have you highly engaged in its clever and elaborate plot.  Meanwhile, you’ll want to take a break and run to the grocery store to find all the right ingredients for the recipes included.  Soon, though, you’ll be second guessing yourself as the mystery unravels until the murderer is finally revealed at the very end. Funny banter, a twisty plot and delicious food made for me the perfect combination and an immediately approved recommended read! So, start reading and get cooking (just make sure you check your expiration dates)! 

~ Patricia

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