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Review 🔍 Digging Up the Remains by Julia Henry

August 28, 2020


A festive fall is in full swing in Goosebush, Massachusetts, but when a snoopy reporter is felled by foul play, it’s up to Lilly and her Garden Squad to spook out a killer . . .
Between hosting a haunted house on her lawn, serving on the town’s 400th Anniversary Planning Committee, and prepping for the Fall Festival’s 10k fundraiser, Lilly’s hands are full. She doesn’t have time for prickly newspaper reporter Tyler Crane, who’s been creeping around town, looking for dirt on Goosebush’s most notable families . . . until he’s found dead on the race route moments before the start.
An unfortunate accident? Or did Tyler unearth a secret that someone in Goosebush is willing to kill to keep? By planting nasty rumors and cultivating fear, Tyler sowed a fair share of ill will during his brief time in town. Weeding through the suspects will be thorny, but Lilly and her Garden Squad are determined to root out the autumnal assassin before the Fall Festival flops . . .

Release Date: Aug 25, 2020
Series: A Garden Squad Mystery
Book: 3
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $6.99


Sometimes small towns hide secrets and Goosebush, Massachusetts has its fair share.…Sometimes those secrets lead to murder. 

Lilly Jayne, an avid gardener, well-mannered and respected member of the community of Goosebush, Massachusetts, yet once again is involved in an inexplicable, mysterious, murder-mystery. Digging Up The Remains is the third book in the Garden Squad Mystery series by Julia Henry. Historical-archives meets technology, this puzzling murder-mystery will keep you guessing.

I felt this story was a bit over engaging, it had a run-around of plausible suspects and scenarios.  As I read along, I couldn’t get out of my own thoughts and as the story developed I was building up each case suspect with persuasive arguments for murder. 

The supportive characters were wonderful. Lilly Jayne definitely has some amazing friends that she can count on.  Tea, cookies, cake and cupcakes were on rotation with every friendly visit.  I couldn’t help but feel welcomed to Goosebush, with its crisp weather and festivities, it seems like the perfect place to visit.

Tyler Crane, the murdered character, (although, dead for most of the story) remained a most treacherous villain, throughout.  Abusive, manipulative and ruthless, he manages to cause all kinds of madness from beyond the grave.  Tyler is one of the most hateful characters I have ever read; charming and yet loathsome.  I enjoyed him!

A slow mystery, not too complicated, but in my opinion, fell a bit flat at the end.  I really, felt there were other characters who had a lot more motivation for the murder. Ultimately, I was a bit surprised (also in a good way, because I never figured out who had done it) by the character chosen to be involved with Tyler’s end. Regardless, I enjoyed reading this mystery. 

And if you tend to murder your plants (like me!) don’t skip out on the gardening tips at the end!

~ Patricia

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