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Review ❤️ The Wrong Mr. Darcy by Evelyn Lozada with Holly Lorincz

August 25, 2020


Hara Isari has big ambitions and they won’t be sidetracked by her mother’s insisting that she settle down soon. She dreams of leaving her small-town newspaper behind, as well as her felon father, and building a career as a sports writer, so when she is chosen to exclusively interview a basketball superstar, she jumps at the chance. It’s time to show the bigwigs what she’s truly made of.

At the same time, she meets a rookie on the rise, Derek Darcy. Darcy is incredibly handsome, obnoxiously proud, and has a major chip on his shoulder. Hara can’t think of a man more arrogant and infuriating. However, fate keeps bringing them together—from locker rooms to elegant parties, to the storm of the century—and what begins as a clash might just be more complicated than Hara anticipated. When she begins to see Darcy in a new light, Hara is not quite sure if she should drop the ball or play the love game.

Release Date: Aug 25, 2020
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Macmillan
Imprint: St. Martin’s Press
Price: $9.99


The Wrong Mr. Darcy is one wild ride!

New to me authors Lozada and Lorincz roped me in quick with this Pride and Prejudice inspired book. Journalist, Hara Isari has always wanted to be a sports journalist covering basketball for the big papers. With an ex-felon for a dad and living the small-town life her big break never seemed so far away until she wins a writing contest and is selected to interview a basketball superstar who never talks to reporters. Of course, her adventure in big league reporting introduces her to Derek Darcy, a rookie basketball player looking to make a name for himself. Darcy is mysterious, gorgeous, and for some reason dislikes Hara on sight. Though circumstances and situations keep throwing them together it’s not long before all this forced proximity leads to sparks.

My blurb rehash covers the things I loved about this story. Sports, small-town girl with big city dreams, and a hero who’s grumpy as hell but deep down a super sweet guy. This book starts with a great premise, Hara is beaming with the exciting news of winning a contest to interview a big basketball star for a Boston team the Fishers. She’s got a classic Mrs. Bennet-styled mother who wants to know when Hara is going to get a man and a loving father who only wants the best for her. Her meeting Darcy is a lovely twist on the Pride and Prejudice experience when she accidentally eavesdrops on his phone conversation. Once Darcy finds out she’s a reporter, she’s the enemy. Determined to fish out any details she can to cause scandal. Hara is nothing like this, but the stereotypes from her job fly hard and fierce.

I really like Darcy regardless of his grumpy, distrusting attitude. Having his point of view offers fans of Austen a look at Darcy that we never received in the original, his thoughts, fears, and attitude. It helps me relate to him more. These two are perfectly mis-matched because they both take everything face value and often don’t skim beneath surfaces. There’s a touch of instant attraction, but I can believe it. Some people can draw a person in without more than a glance.

As for the plot, the pacing is tight and fast. There are plenty of details, Lozada and Lorincz don’t skip there. It’s also wild, like telenovela wild. There’s suspense, double crossings, things not being what they seem, lies, and secrets. So much and surprisingly it all comes together. A couple of times I did do a double take to ask myself if this was truly happening. I will say this is great escapist type stuff. If you love shows like Empire or Dynasty this story should fit your fancy.

The only hesitance I have with the story is that the ending seems a bit abrupt with the characters leaps from not being able to be with each other to embracing their love for one another. Additionally, there were a few times when a character voiced a concern or made an internal statement that didn’t match with information previously provided. It didn’t kill the book for me, but it did drag me out of the story a couple times.

I hope this is only the first of more books to come, there were multiple characters mentioned I would love to get to know more about, including the heiress Kitty and the wronged fashion designer Naomi. The Wrong Mr. Darcy is perfect for readers who enjoy Kennedy Ryan or Katee Roberts The Kings series.

~ Landra

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