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Review ❤️ Make a Scene by Mimi Grace

September 16, 2020


Faking this relationship should be a piece of cake.
Retta Majors is having a bad day. But that’s to be expected when your ex gets engaged to your cousin. Instead of (totally) freaking out, Retta decides to attend the wedding with her amazing, faithful, and handsome boyfriend. One problem…He doesn’t exist.
Duncan Gilmore is living his dream. His boxing gym is open for business, and he’s focused on success. The last thing on his mind is a relationship. That is until the beautiful baker next door makes him an offer so bizarre, he can’t refuse. One weekend of pretending to be Retta’s boyfriend should be easy.

However, shared kisses and some flirting start to blur the lines in their fake relationship. When their performance draws to a close, will they go their separate ways or return for an encore?

Release Date: Sep 16, 2020
Heat Level: Hot/Scorching
Price: $3.50

Make a Scene
by Mimi Grace was the first book I’ve picked up by this author and I have to admit my desire to review it was based mostly on the gorgeous cover art. Much to my delight, this story ended up being one of the best reads I’ve had this year. The story is about Retta, a bakery owner that just found out her cousin is marrying her ex. And Duncan, the gym owner next to Retta’s bakery that suddenly finds himself playing the role of her fake boyfriend.

I love a good fake relationship but recently have found this trope to be used in situations I found just totally unbelievable. Here Grace does an excellent job of giving us good reasons behind Retta’s desire for a fake boyfriend. Her cousin and her ex are getting married, the entire large extended family knows about this old relationship and they’re just waiting for Retta to react. The sympathy I felt for Retta was so palpable, I know so many women that have felt that familial pressure. It was exciting to see her find such a hunky guy to pretend with.

Duncan was a great partner for Retta because he gave as good as he got. He’s young and successful, and I love that he’s a gym owner falling for a baker. The sparks between them were intense and felt oh so delicious. Thought this chemistry took a little time to fully form, and that usually bores me, I was so invested in Retta and Duncan’s story I didn’t care. Especially when these two get together and burned up the sheets! Holy moly, don’t like the cute cover fool you these two have passion!

Where I think Grace shines the most as an author was in how she crafted the world and people around Retta and Duncan. The story opens at a party and she so perfectly describes the scene, down to the kids hiding out playing games, that I could practically see this house and these people. The friendships and families of these two characters were so well crafted I’m really hoping Grace gives us more books from the other people we meet in this story.

Overall I’m happily suggesting this to everyone that loves a good, low angst romance. There are genuine beats of emotion but it never drags down the entire tone of the story. There were amazing moments of real humor and familial love that paired well with the emerging love story. This was a quick and enjoyable read, I’ve seen some reviews that feel it was too short or didn’t like there was no epilogue but I disagree. Grace wrote this book so well that the length of the book was exactly perfect and didn’t even need an epilogue to tie up the loose ends of the story. I’m sure Duncan and Retta will make you swoon, so make sure to pick this up on Sept 16, 2020.

Thanks to the author for a review copy. All opinions are my own.

~ Lindsey

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