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Review ❤️ A Princess for Christmas by Jenny Holiday

October 13, 2020


Leo Ricci’s already handling all he can, between taking care of his little sister Gabby, driving a cab, and being the super of his apartment building in the Bronx. But when Gabby spots a “princess” in a gown outside of the UN trying to hail a cab, she begs her brother to stop and help. Before he knows it, he’s got a real-life damsel in distress in the backseat of his car. 

Princess Marie of Eldovia shouldn’t be hailing a cab, or even be out and about. But after her mother’s death, her father has plunged into a devastating depression and the fate of her small Alpine country has fallen on Marie’s shoulders. She’s taken aback by the gruff but devastatingly handsome driver who shows her more kindness than she’s seen in a long time. 

When Marie asks Leo to be her driver for the rest of her trip, he agrees, thinking he’ll squire a rich miss around for a while and make more money than he has in months. He doesn’t expect to like and start longing for the unpredictable Marie. And when he and Gabby end up in Eldovia for Christmas, he discovers the princess who is all wrong for him is also the woman who is his perfect match.

Release Date:
Oct 13, 2020
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Avon Books
Price: $10.99


This book was amazing!  If you love a good rom/com this book is for you. For the readers that enjoy reading the Laurie LeClair you will enjoy this book. Jenny Holiday’s attention to detail was amazing. Her characters were beautifully written. Especially taking place at Christmas time in New York and in the country of Eldovia.

The story takes place in New York for the first half of the book and we meet Leo and his sister Gabby. He is raising his younger sister by himself after losing their parents. He does as much as he can to give her a somewhat normal life but being a brother and parent put his life on hold.

Then we meet Marie who is a princess that doesn’t feel elegant and graceful-like royalty especially like her mother portrayed.  She feels awkward in most social situations and she is tightly wound trying to prove something to her grieving father the sad king. She’s also experiencing a sense of loss of her own.

Leo sweeps in like a night and shining armor in a yellow taxi to take her to a party she must get to at any cost. Leo thinks her to be prissy, uptight and entitled with her demands but she’s a nice break from reality. He actually listens, inspires her to be more bold and makes her laugh. She then asks that he drive her places while she is in New York. She eventually has to go back home to her life of royalty. I kept turning the pages, excited to see what happens next.

This book contains some very cute and innocent flirting and a few hot and steamy moments. It will give you the feels for all the characters and hope for the HEA they all deserve. I did finish the book but I don’t want to give away anything that I think will give the important parts away.


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