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Review 🔍 Have Yourself a Fudgy Little Christmas by Nancy Coco

November 12, 2020


Christmas on Mackinac Island brings a flurry of festive activity for fudge shop owner Allie McMurphy—but also a body in a snowbank . . .
All Allie wants for Christmas is for renovations to be finished on the Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop so she can move back home for the holidays. But for now she’s staying in her friend Frances’s apartment, busily baking batches of holiday fudge. After someone leaves a mysterious note on the door to meet up, the curious fudge maker goes to the rendezvous with her bichonpoo, Mal—only to discover a woman facedown in a snowdrift. With her dying breath, the woman gasps, “Frances.” The police suspect she named her killer, but Allie knows that’s impossible. She needs to wrap up this case before the trail runs cold—and give her friend the gift of freedom this Christmas season . . .

Release Date:
Oct 27, 2020
Series: A Candy Coated Mystery
Book: 8
Publisher: Kensington 
Price: $7.99

Warning:  Many diets will be broken with this book.

This book includes delicious and mouthwatering recipes that are just begging to be made. So, get your baking gear ready, because you will want to bake every single recipe in this cozy-mystery book by Nancy Coco. Baking and a great murder-mystery? Count me in!

It’s the off-season; Christmastime at the Island, the perfect setting for Christmas decorating contests and hot cocoa with whipped cream. The reconstruction is coming along nicely at the McMurphy Hotel and it should be up and running in no time. Thankfully for Allie, she’s been able to keep up with her fudge orders by staying at her friend’s (Frances) apartment. 

When an anonymous note is left at her door, that then leads to a mysterious death and has Frances as the main suspect, Allie, along with the some busy(body) ladies, will join forces (sort of) to exonerate their friend.  But with sudden blizzard conditions and no electricity, things are looking dark and fudged.

Charming and cozy Mackinac Island has a killer on the loose. So, gather your cozy blanket and park yourself on the couch, because you will want to keep reading to solve this one. This story has great flow and you’ll soon fall in love with the Island’s lifestyle and activities. With lots of snow in the forecast, these high-spirited characters will keep you entertained.  My favorite characters were the busybody “Book Club” ladies.

I found this book to be quite enjoyable. A classic cozy murder-mystery, filled with great characters, a beautiful setting and creative clues. I loved that the characters knew each other so well and that it would take a newcomer to upend a whirlwind of new information. These characters took care of each other and stood up for one another.

As old secrets are uncovered, this mystery will take you through the very end to solve it. But sit tight, you’ll enjoy going along with Allie to the shipping office and visiting with her friends.  The stakes are higher than ever on this one and as rumors run rampant and tensions mount, Allie must find a way to navigate it all, without upsetting those closest to her.

~ Patricia

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