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Review 🔍 Chilled to the Cone by Ellie Alexander

December 30, 2020


The deep freeze has thawed in Ashland, Oregon and Torte is gearing up for a busy spring. When a surprise opportunity to launch a pop-up ice cream shop comes her way, Jules jumps at the chance to showcase Torte’s signature iced drinks and cold custards. But selling the desserts of her dreams comes at a price. . .and, before she knows it, Jules’s life swirls into a nightmare.

One of the town’s most colorful characters, a street performer known for wearing capes and a cone-shaped hat, turns up dead just as Torte 2.0 is set to open its doors. Can Jules get the scoop on what happened to “The Wizard” of Ashland before her new business venture reaches a chilling conclusion?

Release Date:
 Dec 29, 2020
Series: A Bakeshop Mystery
Book: 12
Publisher: Macmillan
Imprint: St. Martin’s Press
Price: $8.99


Love has a way of comforting us through our most difficult moments. The love of family and friends can call us from the highest seas, to the rich-fruitful lands of the earth. Love abounds in Chilled to the Cone, but when love is unsecured and a loved member of the community is murdered, loved ones will have to prove that they can make all the difference.

Although, this is a cozy murder-mystery, I felt the murder-mystery was secondary in this story. If you’re looking for a strong murder-mystery, full of twists and suspenseful rearing moments, this is not it. This is a book dealing with serious social issues; mental health, teenage delinquency and love conquering relationships. Still, this is a read to savor with a light mystery- murder and even though it fell a bit short for me in the murder-mystery department, this book was particularly refreshing and one I won’t soon forget.

This book was surprisingly romantic. As I read along, I felt the emphasis the author put into the structure of the relationships built by the many characters in this book. I felt the longing of love between the main character Juliet and her estranged husband, Carlos. I felt the desire they felt to make their delicate and precarious relationship work, their promise and dedication for more sunsets on land. I loved the evolution of the relationship between these two characters and their commitment to each other.

Owner of the bakeshop, Torte, and the its upcoming second location, comes with many perks, including a wonderful and artistic staff. I found the supportive characters of this book to be the kind of people I would love to work with. Loyal and kind, they see Juliet as a mentor and someone they can trust and respect. Friends and family make up the rest of the lovely cast and are a fantastic addition to the story. Very well written and realistic dialogue makes this book an easy and comfortable read. You won’t even notice the time go by.

Chilled to the Cone brings the beautiful setting of the mountains, located north of California. An artists’ town, including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where you can find delicate pastries, rich-delicious food and amazing coffee. It is the 12th mystery in A Bakeshop Mystery Series, and it delivers all the sweet and secret ingredients to make this read, both cozy and mysterious.

~ Patricia

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