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Review 🔍 Finished Off in Fondant by Rosemarie Ross

December 17, 2020


Hosting a reality cooking show could be the perfect career boost for Chef Courtney Archer—as long as the contestants aren’t suspected of murder . . .
Despite a few early hiccups, Courtney is thrilled with her starring role on The American Baking Battle, filmed at a grand resort in the Pocono Mountains. The icing on the cake? The new season has a wedding theme—complete with formalwear. But the first day on set, the producer seems to care more about profits than pastry—and the topper comes when her cohost Skylar falls ill. Little does she know things are about to end in tiers . . .
When a barely coherent, blood-covered Skylar is discovered at the doorway of his room, Courtney is horrified to walk inside and find a towering wedding cake—thoroughly smashed by the body of a woman in a bridal gown. Now suspicion is filling the studio and falling on Skylar, and Courtney has to look at coworkers and contestants, working through layers of deception to find the real culprit . . .

Release Date:
 Dec 1, 2020
Series: A Courtney Archer Mystery
Book: 2
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $7.99

And…we’re back on set with Cooking with the Farmer’s Daughter with Courtney Archer and cooking is not all that’s on the menu during this episode.  With secrets revealed Courtney finds herself unsure and in a delicate situation that could jeopardize her career and threaten the security of her show.  Filming a cooking show can sometimes get a little dicey. 

Courtney Archer, host of Cooking with the Farmer’s Daughter and co-host of The American Baking Battle is a magnet for trouble.  Luckily, Season 2 of The American Baking Battle is about to start and after the disastrous events of Season 1, Courtney is ready to put her best sleuth, I mean, foot forward. 

This book is made up of the best ingredients.  Courtney Archer is a tenacious and nonstop character, who is relentless in her investigation to absolve her friend from blame.  Witty and funny this character was effortless and a pleasure to meet.  A reluctant sleuth with a good eye for detail and an acuity for questions. 

The relationship between the main character and the supportive characters is new (this is only the second book of the series), but I can already see how the characters are bonding and relating to one another. Great friendships are forming and maybe a little romance in the future, too.  Not all characters are pleasant though, and some are hilariously disagreeable. Smart banter makes up for unsavory characteristics among those with issues with Courtney involving herself in the investigation (Sheriff Perry).

Tension and suspicion run the show in this book, and it was easy as pie finding the right ingredients to solve this mystery.  This was an excellent and enjoyable read and I highly recommend this one if you are looking for something rich and entertaining. 

~ Patricia

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