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Review ❤️ How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams

December 8, 2020


One daring to-do list and a crash course in flirtation turn a Type A overachiever’s world upside down.

When her flailing department lands on the university’s chopping block, Professor Naya Turner’s friends convince her to shed her frumpy cardigan for an evening on the town. For one night her focus will stray from her demanding job and she’ll tackle a new kind of to-do list. When she meets a charming stranger in town on business, he presents the perfect opportunity to check off the items on her list. Let the guy buy her a drink. Check. Try something new. Check. A no-strings-attached hookup.  Check…almost.

Jake makes her laugh and challenges Naya to rebuild her confidence, which was left toppled by her abusive ex-boyfriend. Soon she’s flirting with the chance at a more serious romantic relationship—except nothing can be that easy. The complicated strings around her dating Jake might destroy her career.

Naya has two options. She can protect her professional reputation and return to her old life or she can flirt with the unknown and stay with the person who makes her feel like she’s finally living again.

Release Date:
 Dec 1, 2020
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley
Price: $9.99

Dr. Naya Turner’s career is the one thing she holds dear to her. She rarely lets her hair down after some past hurt. However, her friends convince her to let go a little and they create a checklist for her to complete. Naya agrees to meet them for a night out on the town and maybe try some things off the list. When they stand her up, she is left at a bar sharing bad jokes with a complete stranger.

Naya decides she has nothing to lose so she dives straight into some awkward flirting and fun with the stranger named Jake. They end up at Jake’s hotel but the night doesn’t go as plan when Naya pukes all over the place. Embarrassed, she leaves but is glad she went through with the failed attempt. She is shocked when she starts to receive text messages from Jake who wants a real date with her.

What a rush I had when reading this! The story and characters are so quirky and interesting. It did take me some time to warm up to the story because there are so many things going on.

Jake and Naya start to see each other and things heat up between them. Things become dicey when Naya sees Jake at a work event and realizes that he is a part of a consulting firm that’s hired to make the final decision on whether her department at the University is cut potentially resulting in her losing her job. 

The story follows their attempt at a relationship despite having a potential work scandal. I truly loved Jake. He is almost too good to be true except one or two minor things. Naya has a lot of issues and she bottles up her emotions. At times, she frustrated me because she was even scared to open up to her closest friends.

The thing that drove me nuts was that they both kept things from each other. I mean important things that they should have addressed as a couple. Jake keeps a secret that eventually blows up and seeing that Naya is a woman who can barely trust this is not cool. Then Naya should have disclosed her relationship with Davis earlier. The saving grace in my eyes is how the author handled domestic violence.

I just thought it would be a quirky romance but I got so much more. The way that Naya’s insecurities and vulnerabilities started to unfold as the relationship got more serious brought together a realistic approach to the story.

I loved it. I can’t wait to read more by this author. This is just the perfect read for a lazy afternoon. Despite some of the serious undertones, I think that fans will get a kick out Naya and Jake’s story.

~ Samantha

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