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Cover Reveal & Excerpt ❖ A Bit of Rough by Jackie Barbosa

January 25, 2021

Talented romance writer Jackie Barbosa has a new release coming out in April. It’s the first book in her brand new series The House of Uncommons, A Bit of Rough and here’s the cover brought to you by yours truly! 😉 


Lucas Delgado Guerrero’s skin is too brown and his accent too foreign for him to feel truly at home in England, but returning to Mexico, which he scarcely remembers, is hardly a choice. So he remains in London, publishing an illegal newspaper devoted to reformist and revolutionary causes. One of his most popular writers is the intriguing and mysterious Polly Dicax, who delivers sharp, witty screeds by messenger every week.

At twenty-five, Lady Honora Pearce is too busy writing seditious treatises to pay much attention to men. Especially when marrying would mean giving up the very rights she argues for in her fierce diatribes. She is, however, intrigued by the editorials written by one of her publishers. Here, at least, is a man with worthy ideas and ideals. Not that she ever expects to meet him, since both their identities must remain secret. But everything changes when circumstances force her to deliver her weekly column herself and, on the heels of her arrival at the printer’s shop, the police raid the premises.

To protect the shopkeeper and themselves, Honora and Lucas must hide together in a small chamber. They shouldn’t have to kiss, but somehow, they do. And when Honora finds she can’t stay away, Lucas discovers he can’t refuse her, even if he can never be more than her bit of rough.


Release Date:
 Apr 2, 2021
Series: The House of Uncommons
Book: 1

“And I’m inspecting it again,” a man responded curtly. The magistrate no doubt. “Look for hidden compartments, lads. There’s got to be something we missed last time.”

Her knees weakened with dread as the rattle of shelves being pulled upon and the thud of items crashing onto the floor commenced. She winced at the unmistakable sound of glass shattering and, more on instinct than reflection, reached out in the darkness to grab onto the arm of the man who stood beside her for support. Apparently understanding the mute request for reassurance, Evangelista placed his own hand over hers and gave it a soothing pat.

The wall in front of them shuddered but held firm despite the efforts of the police constables to locate the opening. Whatever mechanism Rickert had installed must be well-hidden and sturdy indeed, for the men were obviously putting considerable effort into their search.

Her heart raced like a frightened rabbit when a loud crack resounded in the tiny chamber, certain their hiding place had been discovered. Perhaps Evangelista had the same thought, for he turned toward her and pulled her into his arms as though to shield her from the imminent invasion. She buried her face in his chest and squeezed her eyes closed, anticipating the sudden shock of light flooding into the room. His body was comfortingly warm and solid, and his scent was more pronounced, the spicy aroma of anise and clove becoming distinct from the heavier, sweeter undertones of fresh ale and clean human skin. The combination calmed her but also stirred a deep and primitive longing within her.

The noise abruptly ceased.

“Nothing, milord,” a gruff, Cockney-accented voice said. “If he’s hiding aught in here, me mum’s the queen.”

A short silence intervened, during which Honora imagined that the magistrate ground his teeth and muttered imprecations under his breath. “Very well, sergeant,” he said at last. “It appears you’ve slipped the chain again, Mr. Rickert. But I know you’re printing The Weekly Disciple and eventually, I’ll prove it and put you out of business and put an end to this Luke Evangelista and his seditious, slanderous rag once and for all.”

The storeroom door slammed shut.

Honora lifted her head from his chest and opened her eyes, though the second act was futile since it remained as pitch black as ever. “I suppose we are safe,” she murmured, although she made no move to escape his embrace. She liked it too much.

“On the contrary,” he said, his voice a gentle rumble, “I fear we are in greater danger than ever.”

And then his mouth closed over hers.


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About the Author

Jackie can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a writer when she grew up, but there were plenty of times when she wasn’t sure she ever would be. As it turns out, it just took her about twenty years longer to grow up than she expected!

On the road to publication, she took a few detours, including a stint in academia (she holds an MA in Classics from the University of Chicago and was a recipient of a Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities) and many years as a technical writer/instructional designer for a data processing company. She still holds her day job, but her true vocation has always been writing fiction and romance in particular. 

To stay informed of her release schedule, you can sign up for her newsletter (which she only sends out when she actually releases a book) or follow her on Twitter or Facebook. As a matter of public record, she tends to be a lot more active on Twitter, but also a lot more political. 

She’s represented by Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

She’s a firm believer that love is the most powerful force in the world, which that makes romance the most powerful genre in the world. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Website: www.jackiebarbosa.com

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