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Review ❤️ Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels

February 4, 2021


There’s just one thing standing between liberal Senate staffer Kate Adams and passage of the landmark legislation she’s been fighting for all year: Ben Mackenzie, intimidating gatekeeper for one of DC’s most powerful conservative senators. After Kate and Ben lock horns in a meet-not-so-cute, they vow to take each other down—by any means necessary.

She thinks he’s arrogant (and doesn’t deserve those gorgeous green eyes). He thinks she’s too quick to judge (and irresistibly maddening). But as their endless game of one-upmanship becomes Kate’s favorite part of the day, she starts to wonder if her feelings for Ben are closer to attraction than animosity…and maybe their sparring is flirting. When Kate realizes there’s more to Ben than meets the eye, she’s forced to confront her biggest fear: In her sworn enemy, she may have found her perfect match.

Release Date:
 Feb 2, 2021
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley
Price: $11.99

Kate Adams wants her child care bill to pass and she needs to enlist as many Republicans to support it. She reaches out to Ben Mackenzie who is overbearing staffer for one of the most formidable conservative Senators. The two immediately butt heads over her bill and everything else.

After their first encounter, Kate seems to run into Ben everywhere. She can’t escape the big guy and their intense dislike for each other grows into something else. Can she really like someone who is the complete opposite than her?

I had a lot of trepidation going into this book because I did something that I rarely ever do and that is look at reviews and I got scared. If people hate it and I’m not the easiest person to please with my romance taste, then what would I think? To be honest, I enjoyed the book a lot more than some others and I guess I looked at it for what it was, an enemy to lovers romance.

Now don’t get me wrong all the political back and forth is a bit taxing. Which is exactly why I had to remove all of that and read strictly for the romance. I expected to really dislike Ben for the bulk of the book but he became the more mature and level headed one. Kate became annoying once the romance kicks in. She is not open minded. She wants a relationship with Ben but she holds back in constant fear of their political differences. It is just a lot of back and forth despite the blatant chemistry hitting them in the face.

Yes, the ending could have been tighter but I figure the author had to go that route in order to make their relationship believable. Overall, I appreciate the author’s attempt at a rom-com which features enemies to lovers.

~ Samantha

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