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Review 🔍 Poppy Harmon and the Pillow Talker Killer by Lee Hollis

April 5, 2021


Cast in her first role since the 1980s, Poppy has never been more rattled or unprepared on a film set. It’s an embarrassing but necessary cover to keep an eye on client Danika Delgado, a rising starlet and social media influencer with a large following—including a dangerous stalker who won’t disappear. The leading lady’s fame is growing, and so are the threats against her life . . .
Unfortunately for Poppy, there’s more to fear than flubbed lines. When she finds Danika smothered to death in her trailer at Joshua Tree National Park, the horrifying crime stirs up memories of a man known as the Pillow Talk Killer during her time as a young actress, bringing unsolved murders from the past back into focus . . .
A trail of clues urges Poppy, hunky sidekick Matt Flowers, and the rest of the Desert Flowers Detective Agency gang on a frantic chase after Danika’s crazed #1 fan. But as co-stars and production crew members start looking equally suspicious, Poppy must expose a slew of insidious industry secrets before a murderer rolls out the red carpet for someone else . . .

Release Date:
Mar 30, 2021
Series: Desert Flowers
Book: 3
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $12.99

There is no shortage of strange behavior in the Hollywood scene, and for Poppy Harmon and the Desert Flowers Agency, taking on a Hollywood case is just another day at the office.  Fiction mirrors reality in this entangled murder-mystery by Lee Hollis.  This is the third book in the series, A Desert Flowers Mystery. 

The Desert Flowers Agency has been hired to investigate a stalking situation currently occurring to actress, Danika Delgado. In order to maintain a low-profile during filming, so as not to alert the possible perp, Poppy and the agency take on acting roles in the current production.  Soon the investigation spirals into multiple mysteries, reminiscent of an unsolved murder from long ago. 

The lovely ladies and gentlemen of the Desert Flowers Agency were wonderfully characterized in this story.  I enjoyed all of the quirks and differences between each character and how each one contributed in their own way to the investigation, a team effort. Although, Poppy Harmon is the main character in the series, I found the supportive cast to be delightfully entertaining, balancing out Poppy’s reserved personality. 

I loved that the author provided so much detail pertaining to the setting of the story. The details of the production set, the behind the scenes and the movie lingo, were fun elements.  I personally enjoyed how the author described and detailed the California setting and I had no trouble envisioning Poppy Harmon driving around the California streets looking for clues. 

Fiction certainly does mirror reality in this story.  Sleezy producers and inappropriate advances happen and are mentioned throughout the book, mirroring a recent famous Hollywood case.  Social media influencers and their influential presence upon their daily viewers, which is a current exceptionally profitable occupation, and also contributes to the present-day affairs, is also worth mentioning as fiction mirroring reality and something we have all come across. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable and fun read with easy dialogue, enjoyable characters, and multiple twisty mysteries that will have you guessing to the very end. Enjoy!

~ Patricia

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