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Review 🔍 First Born by Will Dean

July 20, 2022


Sisters. Soulmates. Strangers.

Molly Raven lives a quiet, structured life in London, finding comfort in security and routine. Her identical twin Katie, living in New York, is the exact opposite: outgoing, spontaneous, and adventurous.

But when Molly hears that Katie has died, possibly murdered, she is thrown into unfamiliar territory. As terrifying as it is, she knows she must travel across the ocean and find out what happened. But as she tracks her twin’s final movements, cracks begin to emerge, and she slowly realizes her sister was not who she thought she was and there’s a dangerous web of deceit surrounding the two of them.

Release Date:
Jul 5, 2022
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Imprint: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Price: $12.99


Molly lives a very sheltered life in London. She has very particular needs and she is extremely cautious. When she receives a phone call that her twin, she has to know what happened to KT.  Molly ventures out to NYC where KT was living to meet up with her parents. She starts diving into KT’s past and discovers she didn’t know KT at all.

Gosh, how I wanted to love this book based on the premise alone. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed moments and the author’s attempt at creating a certain element of surprise but I wouldn’t rank this one as one of my top suspense novels. I normally give suspense novels time to map out scene and give me an idea of the main characters. This took some time and we get caught up in Molly’s little nuances that drove me crazy.

The bulk of the story is Molly going around NYC interviewing various characters and trying to put together the pieces. I needed more clues leading up to who did it and why. Then the author answered one of my questions more than half way through the book. This was major and as a reader, I had to wonder what would happen next and why should I continue.

Then at the end another twist came out of nowhere which left me a little confused because why didn’t the author put both twists together to end the book earlier. Instead, I pushed on just to get that ending which didn’t even make sense. I didn’t understand the motive of the killer. I thought I was confused by the first twist but I was wrong. I had no idea what was coming next. It made the story a bit outlandish. It is so hard to explain without giving away the whole story.

Overall, the plot could have been tighter. Since this is my first read by the author, I’m willing to try him again.

~ Samantha

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