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Review ❤️ The Sweetest Connection by Denise Williams

July 21, 2022


Teagan’s job in an airport candy store pays the bills but she dreams of traveling the world. With one week until she boards a plane for an international adventure, she finds an abandoned love letter in the store and talks her BFF into helping her figure out who it belongs to.

Silas solves problems for a living as an airline customer service representative. One problem he can’t solve is how to reveal a big secret to his best friend that would risk changing their entire relationship. When she proposes they work together to get the love letter back to its owner, he jumps at the chance.

Teagan and Silas stumble on romantic clues, old stories, and more than a few dead ends along the way while trying to play Cupid, all of which bring them closer together. With only a few days before Teagan’s transatlantic move, the two of them must decide if the sweet temptation of falling for their best friend is worth the potential heartbreak or if either can stand to keep their feelings wrapped up.

Release Date:
Jul 19, 2022
Book: Novella
Heat Level: Warm/Sensual
Publisher: Penguin Group
Imprint: Berkley
Price: $1.99


“Pros. She’s my best friend. Seeing her is the best thing about working here. I could listen to her stories for hours. I’m in love with her. I think I always have been. Cons. If I lost her, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d have to see her in the terminal all the time if it didn’t work out. She doesn’t know I’m in love with her and it might be too late to tell her.”

Teagan and Silas have been best friends since they were first introduced at college orientation, but there are lingering feelings on both sides. Neither wants to admit their feelings for the other as they are afraid of losing their friendship by taking things to the next level romantically. Teagan finally decides to take the trip of a lifetime to study abroad, and when she finds a pros and cons list in the trash, she enlists Silas to help her find out who it belongs to. This adventure leads them down a path to either finally act on their feelings for each other or lose the chance forever.

I am not usually a fan of friends to lovers romance because there isn’t much conflict in it, but this novella changed my mind. Teagan and Silas had a magnetic pull to each other, and I could feel the longing through the pages of this book from them both. I kept wishing that one of them would be brave and say something. Anything. Life is too short to deprive yourself of happiness and love. Then Silas finally made his move, and it was just what I wanted. This was a super cute novella. Not much angst. Just love, friendship, and happiness. It was just what I was needing.

I think if you’re a fan of authors like Mia Sosa and Ali Hazelwood then this novella would be right up your alley.

~ Michelle

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