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Review ❤️ Ruff Justice by Laurien Berenson

July 17, 2018

As owner of prize-winning Poodles, Melanie Travis knows how to handle fierce competition. But when a conformation show turns deadly, it’ll take every trick in the book to outsmart a murderer who refuses to lose . . . With the excitement …

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Review ❤️ Crime and Punctuation by Kaitlyn Dunnett

June 8, 2018

After splurging to buy her childhood home in the Catskills, recently widowed Mikki Lincoln emerges from retirement as a freelance editor. With her ability to spot details that others fail to see, it’s not long before Mikki earns clients—and realizes …

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Review ❤️ Lady Rogue by Theresa Romain

May 22, 2018

  HER SECRET SCANDAL As far as London’s high society knows, Lady Isabel Morrow is above reproach. But the truth is rarely so simple. Though the young widow’s passionate fling with dashing Bow Street Runner Callum Jenks ended amicably months …

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Review ❤️ Strategic Seduction by Cheris Hodges

April 30, 2018

Alicia Michaels needs a major career reboot, so she’s got no time for romance. But starting over in Atlanta is an uphill battle for the cautious PR rep—especially after she teams up with wealthy Richmond Crawford on a make-or-break project. …

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Review ❤️ Death of a Cookbook Author by Lee Hollis

April 25, 2018

Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell will be cooking alongside top chefs at a cookbook author’s party. But a killer plans to ruin her appetite . . .  When Hayley’s idol, cookbook author and TV personality Penelope Janice, invites her …

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Review ❤️ A Devil of a Duke by Madeline Hunter

April 24, 2018

HE MAY BE A DEVILHe’s infamous, debaucherous, and known all over town for his complete disregard for scandal, and positively irresistible seductions. Gabriel St. James, Duke of Langford, is obscenely wealthy, jaw-droppingly handsome, and used to getting exactly what he …

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Review ❤️ Murder in an Irish Churchyard by Carlene O’Connor

March 19, 2018

The village of Kilbane in County Cork, Ireland, has a new garda—and her first case is a grave matter indeed . . . It’s official! Siobhán is now Garda O’Sullivan, and her five siblings couldn’t be prouder. While brother James runs …

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Review ❤️ Dead Calm by Annelise Ryan

March 6, 2018

The honeymoon will have to wait for newlyweds Mattie Winston and Steve Hurley . . . As deputy medical examiner and homicide detective respectively, the couple are dispatched to a grisly crime scene at the Grizzly Motel, a seedy joint for …

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Review ❤️ Raspberry Danish Murder by Joanne Fluke

February 26, 2018

Thanksgiving has a way of thawing the frostiest hearts in Lake Eden. But that won’t be happening for newlywed Hannah Swensen Barton—not after her husband suddenly disappears . . . Hannah has felt as bitter as November in Minnesota since Ross …

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Review ❤️ Never Dare a Wicked Earl by Renee Ann Miller

January 30, 2018

They are the infamous lords, unrepentant rogues whose bad behavior makes for good gossip among the ton. But these sexy scoundrels have stories no one knows. And it takes a special touch to reveal the true hearts behind their devilish …

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