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Review ❤️ Lost, Found and Forever by Victoria Schade

April 9, 2021

Justine Becker could not be more in love with her rescue dog, Spencer. He’s her best friend and “colleague” at her dog supply store, Tricks & Biscuits, in upstate New York. When she discovers a heartbreaking social media post trying …

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Review ❤️ The Devil Wears Black by L.J. Shen

March 22, 2021

Maddie Goldbloom stitched up a plan to ensure everything in her life was perfect—from a career in fashion to a chic NYC apartment to a pediatrician boyfriend.When her ex, Chase Black, storms back into her life with an outrageous request, …

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Review ❤️ Make it Sweet by Kristen Callihan

March 10, 2021

Life for Emma isn’t good. The world knows her as Princess Anya on Dark Castle, but then her character gets the axe—literally. The cherry on top is finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She needs a break, and sanctuary …

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Review ❤️ Float Plan by Trish Dollar

March 2, 2021

After a reminder goes off for the Caribbean sailing trip Anna was supposed to take with her fiancé, she impulsively goes to sea in the sailboat he left her, intending to complete the voyage alone.But after a treacherous night’s sail, …

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Review ❤️ Quiet in Her Bones Nalini Singh

March 1, 2021

My mother vanished ten years ago.So did a quarter of a million dollars in cash.Thief. Bitch. Criminal.Now, she’s back.Her bones clothed in scarlet silk. When socialite Nina Rai disappeared without a trace, everyone wrote it off as another trophy wife tired …

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Review ❤️ Wild Rain by Beverly Jenkins

February 9, 2021

A reporter has come to Wyoming to do a story on doctors for his Black newspaper back east. He thinks Colton Lee will be an interesting subject…until he meets Colton’s sister Spring. She runs her own ranch, wears denim pants instead …

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Review ❤️ Meet You in the Middle by Devon Daniels

February 4, 2021

There’s just one thing standing between liberal Senate staffer Kate Adams and passage of the landmark legislation she’s been fighting for all year: Ben Mackenzie, intimidating gatekeeper for one of DC’s most powerful conservative senators. After Kate and Ben lock …

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Review ❤️ Make Up, Break Up by Lily Menon

February 3, 2021

Love, romance, second chances, fairy-tale endings…these are the things Annika Dev believes in. Her app, Make Up, has been called the “Google Translate for failing relationships.”High efficiency break-ups, flashy start-ups, penthouses, fast cars…these are the things Hudson Craft believes in. …

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Review ❤️ Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

February 2, 2021

At thirty-three-years old Evangeline Starling’s life in Chicago is missing that special something. And when she’s passed over for promotion at work, Evie realizes she needs to make a change. Some time away to regain perspective might be just the …

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Review ❤️ Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker

January 29, 2021

Single and proud of it! Oh, oops…As a Certified Professional Organizer, everything in Paige Parker’s world is as it should be. Perfect apartment, perfect office, perfect life. And now, the perfect vacation planned to celebrate Singles Day. After all, what’s …

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