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My All-Time Favorites
easy foreplay alittletoofar ALittleTooHot275 wild whereareyou
reasonabledoubtseries beautifulbastard ondublinstreet withinreach tangled trueloveandother
sarahschild cruisecontrol tangledupinyou mackenziespleasure herkindoftrouble termsofsurrender
duncansbride notanotherbaddate luckiestlady whatididforaduke secrets unveiled
privatearrangements prisonerofmydesire scandalouslove aladyofthewest nightshadow theconqueror
savagethunder ithappenedoneautumn magicofyou becauseyouremine gentlerogue devilinwinter


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I am a Rachel Gibson fan, too! And Lisa Kleypas. I agree with Luckiest Lady, Tangled and On Dublin Street, too!

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