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the masterpiece fiona davis

Review ❤️ The Masterpiece by Fiona Davis

For the nearly nine million people who live in New York City, Grand Central Terminal is a crown jewel, a masterpiece of design. But for Clara Darden and Virginia Clay, it represents something quite different. For Clara, the terminal is …

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a deadly habit simon brett

Review ❤️ A Deadly Habit by Simon Brett

Rehearsals in a new West End play are disrupted by sudden, violent death in the intriguing new Charles Paris mystery Having landed a small part in a new West End play, The Habit of Faith, Charles Paris is dismayed to …

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dim sum of all fears vivien chien

Review ❤️ Dim Sum of All Fears by Vivien Chien

Welcome back to Ho-Lee Noodle House, where you can get fantastic take-out. . .unless you get taken out first. Lana Lee is a dutiful daughter, waiting tables at her family’s Chinese restaurant even though she’d rather be doing just about …

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going down easy erin nicholas

Review ❤️ Going Down Easy by Erin Nichols

As far as flings go, single dad Gabe Trahan is pretty sure that Addison Sloan is his best bet. Once a month, Addison comes to New Orleans and then…It. Is. On. Until Addison returns to New York, it’s just hot, happily-no-strings-attached …

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the governess game tessa dare

Review ❤️ The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

He’s been a bad, bad rake—and it takes a governess to teach him a lesson The accidental governess After her livelihood slips through her fingers, Alexandra Mountbatten takes on an impossible post: transforming a pair of wild orphans into proper …

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the breakup erin mccarthy

Review ❤️ The Breakup by Erin McCarthy

Can two wrongs feel oh-so-right? This bride is about to find out—with the bad boy who makes an epic breakup worth her while. Bella: I know I’m a princess. I’m used to getting what I want. But all I ever really wanted was a …

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Review ❤️ Murder on Memory Lake by J.D. Griffo

For Alberta Scaglione, her golden years are turning out much more differently than she expected—and much more deadly . . . Alberta Scaglione’ s spinster aunt had some secrets—like the fortune she squirreled away and a secret lake house in Tranquility, …

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