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New Adult Romance
sweet beforeyoubreak mended
Adult Contemporary Romance
youresofine minetotake against-the-sky always-loving-you
quarterback-draw the-great-escape iwanttohold
rescue-me firelight-at-mustang-ridge winter-at-mustang-ridge
allthatidesire chocolateheart forthelongesttime redbikini goodchase
fallfromindiaplace broken2 freefall ranchershomecoming onceachampion
sweetharmony ithappenedonewedding toscotlandwithlove fullthrottle anythingbutlove whendaybreaks
ridingthewave expertguidetodriving jaded areasontolove shorelinedrive
bettingtherainbow makeyoumine yougivegoodlove arrest disarm
sweetheartrules lunch carolinaman
Historical Romance
wherethehorsesrun intheheartofthehighlander shockingdelight masterfulmrmontague greatestloverever
betweenthedevil twicethetemptation aplacecalledharmony wickedestlordalive inwantofawife
baronnextdoor lyonsbride tamingwildscot withthisring nogooddukegoesunpunished AnHeirofDeception
ifwisheswereearls troublewithprincesses loveandotherscandals smugglerworesilk
dreamsoflilacs lovingrose whenalairdtakesalady somewheretodream sworddancer
walkingonair tokissakiltedwarrior inbedwithaspy
promisemetexas roguewithabrogue
Erotic Romance
cominghome teachmealesson itstingssosweet surrendertotemptation boundtobedirty breathe
onlyforyou ultimatesins sinceisawyou histoclaim breatheintome fallingin
overexposed dirtygirlsbookclub lettinggo needyoutonight
weaveofabsence toppedchef threadend tailingatabby peachpiesandalibis stirringtheplot
finalcatcall deathislike deadforaspell killerincrinolines glutenforpunishment gilttrip
silenceofthelambswool killingcuster pawsformurder ghostwanted lastdeadgirl
murderoffthebeatenpath billionaireblend teacupturbulence rebelwithoutacake mulledmurder
mrsjeffriesturnsthetide eggs-in-a-casket begoniabribe markeddownformurder daysofwine in-hot-water
lie-of-the-needle darlingdahliasandthetexasstar murdershewrotecloseup snoop-to-nuts aground-on-st-thomas
scandal-at-six mr-monk-is-open-for-business bled-and-breakfast


  1. Love this… Historical will alway be my first love!!!

  2. Happy Reading and St. Patty’s Day!

  3. So many wonderful books to choose from!

  4. Thanks for the chance! A bunch of great authors and books.

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  7. What a great giveaway! Love it all.

  8. Thank you! I love mysteries!

  9. What a wonderful selection of books. There are quite a few from my wish list there.

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